Nancy Allen

Nancy Allen has announced she will run for one of the two open seats on the Pleasanton City Council on Nov. 3.

After many years of service to the Pleasanton community, including the seven years she has served on the Pleasanton Planning Commission, Allen wants to continue her pursuit of the local priorities that have been so important to her as a longtime Pleasanton resident and small-business owner of Monterey Bay Seaglass, a business that makes jewelry out of sea glass and donates one-third of the profits to animal rescues and marine conservation.

As her campaign unfolds, Allen will publicize the details of her priorities that will be the foundation of her campaign and the guiding principles of her service on the Pleasanton City Council. She stated her priorities are to make prudent fiscal decisions with constituents’ tax dollars; promote controlled, slow-growth policies that protect neighborhoods; protect and preserve Pleasanton's historic "small-town" downtown; stand up for Pleasanton residents first, running a clean money campaign with no conflicts of interest; and collaborate with the school district to preserve academic excellence.

“We need to be smart about managing our budget and pacing our growth, so we protect our existing neighborhoods,” Allen said. “This includes keeping our residents safe with clean water, satisfactory traffic circulation, schools that maintain their reputation for academic excellence, and a unique downtown our residents can continue to enjoy.”

Kay Ayala – who served on the Pleasanton City Council from 1996 to 2004 and has since worked with various groups in town on civic matters, land-use and bond issues – said she’s been urging Allen to run for council for years.

“Nancy has the experience that she needs in the land-use control from years on the Planning Commission,” Ayala said. “But she’s also been involved in the city in all sorts of groups, so she is familiar with the downtown plan. She can hit the ground running when she is elected.”

Allen further emphasized that Pleasanton’s business community is hurting, especially small businesses.

“I support programs to support small businesses and to revitalize areas such as the Stoneridge Mall, which is suffering from the loss of business due to online sales and the economic impacts of Covid-19,” she continued.

Allen has 13 years of Pleasanton civic experience. She has been serving as a Pleasanton Planning Commissioner for the past seven years, twice as chairperson. She has also served on the Economic Vitality Committee; the Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Committee; and multiple city task force groups.

She held key leadership positions in the finance and telecommunications industries where she managed large budgets and worked with other teams to achieve common goals. After retiring from the corporate world, Allen started her own small business in Pleasanton.

“Since the COVID-19 issue is coming, finance is going to be a very big priority in the city, and every city in California. Nancy’s background in the business world from large companies to small business is her background,” Ayala continued. “She is well-positioned to help guide Pleasanton through this financial situation that we’re going to find ourselves in. Nancy is a fit for this community’s small-town feel, and she will be great at preserving that.”

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