Andrew McIlroy, a chemist and manager with extensive experience in defense, energy and environmental programs, was named head of Sandia National Laboratory’s Livermore site last week.

Sandia’s formal name for the position is Associate Laboratories Director. Dori Ellis held the position for two years, before being promoted in June to become Deputy Laboratories Director. McIlroy has been the site’s acting leader since then. In Sandia’s diverse portfolio, he oversees the Energy and Earth Systems Center, including staff in New Mexico, Texas and Alaska. He’s responsible for Sandia’s Energy and Homeland Security mission, as well as for weapon systems engineering at the Livermore site.

“Andy brings a wealth of technical expertise and strategic leadership to his new role,” Sandia Laboratories Director Steve Younger said. “I look forward to Andy’s continued strong leadership and believe that Sandia will greatly benefit from his keen insight and experience.”

McIlroy said he’s “excited” to take on the leadership position. “I am especially pleased to work with and lead a dedicated workforce who are committed to meeting the needs of the nation.”

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sandia has a wide range of technical responsibilities including nuclear weapons engineering, wind power research, modeling the performance of electrical grids and geotechnical advice on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

McIlroy has a bachelor’s degree from Harvey Mudd College and a doctorate in chemical physics from the University of Colorado.

He joined Sandia in 1991 as a postdoctoral researcher in the Livermore site’s Combustion Research Facility. He worked for the Aerospace Corporation for four years, then returned to Sandia where he has served in several leadership roles in both Albuquerque and Livermore.

Since May 2017, he has worked as director of the Energy and Homeland Security Program Management Center, a Sandia-wide business unit that focuses energy and homeland security activities on threat-driven national security issues.

Under his leadership, Sandia worked with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in developing the physical and operational infrastructure for Livermore Valley Open Campus, an area that allows the two national defense laboratories to work with industrial and academic partners.