City of Dublin

The West Dublin Alliance (WDA) announced this week that the lawsuit against the City of Dublin and Valley Christian Center (VCC) was officially settled on Sept. 28.

All parties were agreeable to the settlement terms.

This creates an historic moment for Dublin residents. For the first time, they took legal action against the city and business entity VCC on a development project they believed would have negatively impacted the quality of life for the hundreds of residents in surrounding neighborhoods adjacent to or near the center.

All of WDA’s required sound-mitigation terms for noise reduction of VCC’s sound amplified athletic field and amphitheater were accepted by the city and VCC. WDA required the city and VCC to adhere to the more stringent noise-level specifications of Alameda County, instead of the city’s noise specifications, which they stated were too broad and general.

The settlement involves having 24/7 sound monitoring systems at strategic neighborhood locations near the VCC’s yet-to-be developed sites to monitor the Alameda County noise specifications. Should the noise generation from the athletic field and amphitheater exceed the sound specs, then monetary fines will be issued. Additionally, activities could be eliminated if the noise continually exceeds the sound specifications.

The settlement longevity could last up to 36 years or more, based on criteria set forth in the settlement.

WDA encourages Dublin residents to voice their concerns and take necessary action when they learn about any development project that they feel is not in the best interest of the community or their quality of life.

In a press release, they said, “Let’s work to preserve what’s left of our city’s open spaces and protect our environment from continuous encroachment by out of town developers who have too much influence over our city government. West Dublin Alliance thanks the Dublin residents who supported our effort to successfully secure a settlement on behalf of all Dublin residents. Together, our voices made one loud sound that mattered.”