Altamont Landfill Open Space Advisory Committee will continue refining a list of properties to be used as a tool for the committee to work with in granting funds.

The Committee will meet March 22 at Dublin city hall at 12:30 p.m.

Also on the agenda is a letter in support of SB767, a measure that would allow the state to sell the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area for conservation purposes.

Senator Steve Glazer introduced the measure. It was co-authored by Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan.

The discussion of project, “Prioritizing Land Conservation in Eastern Alameda County,” to establish priority lists and fund allocations will be led by Van Butsic and Diana Moanga, U.C. Berkeley.

They will bring back a refined presentation of data collected at a workshop.

Money for the acquisition of open space lands in eastern Alameda County is available as a result of a legal settlement in connection with expansion of the Altamont Landfill.

The final list will be consistent with the Settlement Agreement that has the first priority properties having significant value for preservation of native biological diversity and/or wildlife habitat. Second priority is given to properties providing significant value for visual character and/or non-motorized recreation.

The Altamont Landfill Open Space Committee, composed of representatives from Alameda County, the City of Livermore, the City of Pleasanton, and the Sierra Club, recommends to the cities which properties should receive funding.

One area of interest has been the Tesla expansion area.

Current state plans would add 3,100 acres in the Tesla area to the 1575-acre Carnegie Off-Road Vehicle Park. Both sites are owned by the State. The General Plan and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Carnegie SVRA were approved. Lawsuits have been filed challenging the decisions.

The committee will consider sending a letter to Senator Henry Stern, Chair Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water and Senator Bill Dodd, Chair Senate Committee on Governmental Organization.

The letter notes, "The Altamont Landfill Open Space Committee is writing to state our strong, unanimous support for SB 767 as written."

The bill would allow the State Department of General Services to sell for conservation purposes the Tesla Expansion Area if the Department of Parks and Recreation determines it to be in the public interest. Proceeds from any such sale would then be returned to the Off- Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division Trust Fund.

The letter points out, "The Expansion Area has never been opened to off- highway vehicle use and scientific studies have long documented the rare ecological value of the area. The Expansion Area contains an abundance of highly sensitive natural resources and unique biodiversity, including numerous threatened, endangered and listed species, designated critical habitats, unusual vegetation assemblages, and a critical linkage habitat corridor for the Diablo Range.

"The Open Space Fund has sufficient money on hand for purchase of the Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area property.

"The Altamont Landfill Open Space Committee strongly urges your committees to pass SB 767, which would enable the Department of Parks and Recreation to make a determination that disposal of the land is in the public interest."