City of Pleasanton

The planning commission has reviewed a preliminary proposal on a new home for the Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church.

The April 14 work session included public comment and discussion of a 9,792 square-foot church and accompanying 24,971 square-foot multi-purpose building at 11300 Dublin Canyon Road. The project would sit on a 4.3-acre portion of land owned by the Pleasant View Church of Christ, a non-denominal organization.

The applicant, Guy Houston, is proposing to subdivide the approximately 16-acre site into two parcels; one for the existing church and another for the new Greek Orthodox church.

Planning commissioners met the proposal with general enthusiasm.

“I am really impressed with the project and want to thank the applicant for bringing forward such a beautiful design,” said Commissioner Nancy Allen.

The new church would be accessible from two driveways off Dublin Canyon Road west of Laurel Creek Drive. The multipurpose building would be located closer to Dublin Canyon Road and set back 25 feet from the property line along the road and 35 feet from an adjacent single-family property to the west. Landscape buffers would also separate the properties. The main driveway would be used for church patrons and guests, while the western-most driveway would accommodate garbage pickup and emergency vehicles.

Public comment was supportive of the church expansion and the congregation’s potential ability to provide a more comprehensive faith-based environment in which to embrace the local community’s needs.

“My family has lived in Pleasanton for over 20 years, and we look forward to this project,” said Nora Chopalous. “We are a very active and community-minded church who work to serve the community. Once (new plans are) approved and built in Pleasanton, it would give residents one more opportunity to help the community.”

The new church design includes cement plaster with stone accents, window trims and tile roofing. The centerpiece of the project would be a dome on top of the church, measuring up to 53 feet, 6 inches in height. The construction of 121 parking spaces and a commercial kitchen would allow the site to accommodate special events, such as the annual Greek festival, which could draw more than 500 guests.

The project would be completed in three phases: Phases one and two would include the grading and preparation of the site as well as the construction of the church. Those phases would be expected to take between two to five years to complete, with the third phase, the erection of the multi-purpose building, taking between five to 15 years.

Commissioner Matt Gaidos offered praise for the plan.

“I think it is a beautiful project and a great gateway project that will look nice on that road,” he said.

Commissioner Justin Brown agreed.

“I very much like the proposal,” he said. “And I am looking forward to seeing a final proposal at some point.”

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