Half mast flag

PLEASANTON – The City of Pleasanton today has ordered the lowering of its Civic Center flags for 24 hours to honor the life of Robert Butler, former mayor and councilmember who served from 1978-1993 (1982-1983 as mayor).

The city received notice of Butler's passing Oct. 5.

“Former Mayor and Councilmember Bob Butler was an exemplary public servant, and the City of Pleasanton is better for his service," Pleasanton City Manager Nelson Fialho said. "With a 15-year tenure on Pleasanton’s City Council, Bob was a champion for Pleasanton and played a major role in shaping our city into the outstanding place it is today.

"Through his thoughtful leadership, Bob helped to guide Pleasanton through a period of transformative growth that developed two hallmarks of our city — Stoneridge Shopping Center and Hacienda business park. Today we honor Bob’s memory in gratitude for his service to our community.”