Not quite a ghost town in the wake of COVID-19, Pleasanton residents could still share their thoughts about the Stay at Home requirements.

“Not my choice to be home bound and not my choice to be handed a list of ‘honey do’ items I may have avoided, said Marun Davadi. “And definitely not a smart choice to tell my daughter Malaca we could watch her favorite video as many times as she wished. ‘Frozen’ was okay three or four times, but Elsa is really starting to wear on me.”

“I was rummaging around in my garage and in a cabinet, and discovered my old bread maker,” Phyllis Bleecker said. “I have now made four different kinds of bread and rolls. I also found an electric bagel cutter. Can you imagine that? Also, my husband Michael has started taking guitar lessons on Zoom.”

“My son is back home from college and I have had to readjust our meals to his palate, which I forgot was really different from ours,” said Mary West. “I definitely have become more appreciative of my home and garden. I now have time to talk with people I haven’t contacted for a long time. What is really amazing is that the telephone solicitations have almost disappeared.”

“What has happened is that the teachers have actually increased the amount of work over what was being assigned when attending school,” said Kelsey Lem, who has been completing required high school assignments at home via the internet. “Maybe it’s to keep us busy so we don’t think about the pandemic. What really upset me was that I didn’t have time to say ‘goodbye’ to all my friends at school. That personal touch was taken away from all of us.”