The Pleasanton Unified School District ranks 11th in California, according to a survey by

The school data analysis website also rated the district’s teachers as the 10th best statewide and Pleasanton the 29th among the top places to teach.

“The results are just one measure of quality, but we are thrilled that these ratings reflect the excellence we strive for as a district team and realize in our schools and classrooms,” Superintendent David Haglund said in a news release.

Three Pleasanton schools took top honors in Alameda County. Amador Valley was ranked as the best high school. Harvest Park was rated the number one middle school and Fairlands topped the list of elementary schools.

Some of the scoring for the website’s annual ratings is subjective, relying on judgments of students, teachers and parents, who shared their appraisals on

On the website, 147 individuals rated Amador Valley excellent, 198 said it was very good, 99 called it average and eight reported it was poor. Two gave the high school a “terrible” rating.

A small sample of comments listed on the site showed one senior saying, “Amador Valley High School provides students with the tools to succeed in any path they seek out.”

Another survey taker who also gave Amador Valley a very good ranking said the school offers students a choice in the rigor of their academics.

“If you choose to take AP (Advanced Placement classes), you’ll be challenged every day, and you’ll be forced to develop new study habits that will benefit you throughout high school and college,” the commenter wrote.

Amador’s overall grade was an A+. The school also got an A+ in academics, teachers and college preparation. For diversity and health and safety, Amador earned an A. Its clubs and activities got a B-.

The ratings were also based on objective factors, such as the percentage of students who score at or above the level of competency level for their grade on standardized tests.

At Amador Valley, 90% of students are proficient in reading, and 75% in math. About 40% of the students are enrolled in AP classes.

The school has a 97% graduation rate with an average SAT score of 1350. The highest possible score is 1600.

Harvest Park was ranked 11th best in the state among middle schools. Its teachers were rated 32nd in California. About 83% of students are proficient in reading, and 82% in math. The school earned an A for academics, an A+ for teachers, and an A- for diversity.

Fairlands ranked 29th among California elementary schools. The faculty came in 46th statewide. About 85% of students were proficient in reading, and 82% in math. Fairlands earned an A for academics, an A+ for teachers, and an A- for diversity.