Pleasanton residents will be able to choose cleaner power sources for their electric sockets in 2021, as the city joins East Bay Community Energy (EBCE).

The EBCE Board of Directors voted at its Nov. 20 meeting to accept the city as an EBCE member. Tracy and Newark also will be starting their membership in EBCE in 2021.

In 2020, EBCE will send the California Public Utilities Commission updated information on the power loads that it estimates will be operating in 2021 in those cities. Meanwhile, EBCE in 2020 will be publicizing the new choice residents have to buy their power.

PG&E will continue to use its lines to deliver the EBCE power to customers.

A rate sheet comparison on the EBCE web page shows the mixture of power sources used by PG&E and EBCE.

The importance of EBCE is that it is free to bid on power source contracts, to deliver the cleanest power it can. For example, EBCE’s cleanest power is Renewable 100. It costs 1 cent per kilowatt hour more than Brilliant 100, which is also an EBCE product, but its sources are 100 percent renewable, with 50% of it coming from wind power and the other 50% from solar.

Brilliant 100 is 45% renewable, with 20% solar and 25% wind. EBCE’s Bright Choice is close to that, with 41% renewable, using 25% wind, 15% solar, and 1% geothermal. It is 1.5% cheaper than Brilliant 100.

The Pleasanton City Council on Oct. 15 unanimously passed the ordinance to join EBCE. Pleasanton passed up a chance in 2018, deciding to see how other cities liked EBCE in its first year of operation.

EBCE was formed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in an effort to meet California’s greenhouse gas emissions goals for the future.