The Pleasanton City Council revised its positions taken on state legislation.

The votes were unanimous.

The City has been implementing its 2019 Legislative Framework with a specific focus on bills related to housing. Working closely with regional partners, the Tri-Valley cities , the League of California Cities, and advocacy firm Townsend Public Affairs (TPA), the city has engaged with local state representatives and has routinely engaged with bill authors and their staff to offer amendments.

Of the housing bills for which the council has taken a position, the council legislative subcommittee recommended that the council reconsider the following:

AB 1483 - Housing data, collection and reporting. Move from oppose unless amended to oppose. This bill would require a substantial increase in the amount of data to be provided annually to the state Housing and Community Development Department for each housing development project. The additional data collection and reporting requirement will have an impact on staff time and increase staff costs, without any support from the State in offsetting these costs.

SB 330 - Housing Crisis Act of 2019. Move from oppose unless amended to oppose. This is a bill of emerging concern as it would declare a statewide housing crisis. For a five-year period, it would prohibit a city from imposing parking requirements near rail stops and freeze nearly all project related fees once a developer submits a "preliminary" application.

The council was asked to take a position on additional housing legislation.

SB 5 - Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment Program. It would establish in state government the Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment Program, which would be administered by the Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment Committee. The bill would authorize a recognized jurisdiction or entity to apply to the Committee to participate in the program and would authorize the committee to approve or deny plans for projects meeting specific criteria. Oppose unless amended.

SB 8813 - Accessory Dwelling Units. This bill would authorize the creation of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in areas zoned to allow single-family or multifamily dwelling residential use, and allow for ADUs to be created in garages, storage areas, etc. This will expand the locations where ADUs could be constructed in homes. Support if amended.

Councilmember Julie Testa commented that we haven't seen the worst of this type of legislation. She noted there are groups around the state considering a ballot measure to stop measures impacting local control. She stated there is a need to educate the public concerning the potential impacts. Consideration should be given to working with legislators to write legislation aimed at retaining local control.