The grassroots organization Pleasanton Voters has endorsed Karla Brown for mayor and two candidates for the open seats on the Pleasanton City Council this election season - Nancy Allen and Valerie Arkin.

“During her eight years as Pleasanton’s vice-mayor and city councilmember, Karla Brown has consistently supported smart and measured growth, environmental stewardship for our hillsides and open space, safe drinking water, and the preservation of our much loved downtown,” said Pleasanton Voters President Kelly Cousins. “The fact that residents always come first for Karla warrants our endorsement and a vote from the Pleasanton electorate. Karla, along with our other two endorsed candidates has pledged not to take campaign donations from developers or builders who may seek to influence their votes.”

Pleasanton Voters also endorses Nancy Allen and Valerie Arkin for Pleasanton City Council.

Nancy has spent seven years on the Pleasanton Planning Commission, providing her with a unique insight into the process involved in bringing new development to our city. Nancy often asks the hard questions of city staff and always represents the best interests of residents. When major changes were proposed for downtown Pleasanton Nancy vigorously advocated to limit the size and scope of new development. She also does not support a current proposal to bring toilet to-tap water to Pleasanton.

Pleasanton Voters also enthusiastically endorses Valerie Arkin, widely recognized for her three terms as a trustee on the Pleasanton Unified School Board. Valerie will bring a wealth of information to the city council and further deepen the relationship between the city and the schools.

Valerie championed a new era of transparency that welcomed public input during her tenure on the school board, a spirit that she promises to bring with her as a member of the city council. Valerie was also instrumental in guiding the school district through a challenging budget era during the last recession - skills that she will again apply to the city as the local economy recovers from the COVID pandemic.