The nonpartisan grassroots organization has endorsed two candidates for the two open seats on the Pleasanton City Council this election season—Julie Testa and Joseph Ledoux.

“Julie Testa’s three decades of action on behalf of Pleasanton residents warrants our endorsement and a vote from Pleasanton voters,” observes President Kelly Cousins. “She has consistently supported and lobbied for measured growth so that we can reduce the traffic impact and school crowding issues in our community. We believe that she will bring citizen concerns as her priority if given a seat on the council.”

Testa’s platform revolves around smart growth policies, preserving Pleasanton’s historic downtown, managing the city’s long-term debt obligation, and collaborating with the school district to address its expanding student enrollment. She does not support a current proposal to bring toilet-to-tap water to Pleasanton.

Testa has attended and spoken at hundreds of city, school board, and community meetings over the past thirty years. She also served 11 years on the on the city’s Human Services Commission and worked to improve the lives of our seniors, as well as the mentally ill and disabled individuals. She has also been a director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Resources Education Activities Community Housing (REACH). is also pleased to endorse Joe Ledoux, who was drawn to Pleasanton with his young family as a result of its small-town vibe, high safety ratings, and excellent schools.

Ledoux is committed to maintaining the outstanding quality of life here in Pleasanton. As a Berkeley police officer, he has experience working in a diverse and populated area and will bring a new perspective to Pleasanton’s growing population.

“Joe Ledoux represents a new generation of Pleasanton residents who deserve a seat on the City Council who will be making the decisions that affect them and their children,” notes Cousins. “He is an independent thinker who will make the best decisions for the greater good.”

Ledoux believes that this election is about the future of Pleasanton. His goals are to grow the local economy and critical infrastructure thoughtfully, yet still maintain Pleasanton’s small town charm.

He too supports collaboration with the school district to address a growing population while ensuring our legacy of educational excellence. Ledoux is also focused on maintaining a safe Pleasanton and working to combat the influence of regional crime.