Dr. Karin Tamerius, a psychiatrist with a background in political psychology and founder of SMART Politics, will speak at the March 10 meeting of Livermore Indivisible. She will discuss Radical Civility, a five-step method she developed to help people have difficult conversations. The public is invited to attend her talk at 1:30 pm in meeting room B of the Livermore Library.

SMART Politics is a form of political activism encouraging safe conversations that foster open-mindedness, rational thinking, and self-reflection. Though developed as a tool for progressives, SMART Politics is not a partisan or ideological method. It can be used by anyone looking to have a productive discussion with someone who has a different political perspective.

Livermore Indivisible, a chapter of the Indivisible National movement, is a grass-roots community group acting to further progressive causes and candidates and preserve our democracy. For more information visit LivermoreIndivisible.org.