The second annual survey of parents, staff and students in the Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) showed some strengths and also areas for improvement. Patrick Gannon, the district’s coordinator of communication and community relations, discussed the survey results at the board’s Dec. 10 meeting.

The online survey was not created scientifically to measure a cross-section of opinion, the way that a presidential poll would do.

Participants rated overall school quality high, with 84% of the parents ranking the quality excellent or good, joined by 75% of students and 88% of staff members.

Family involvement in such things as back to school nights were rated highly by parents, with 94% enthused about the category; 86% agreed that staff members and families treat each other with respect; and 84% said their school has high learning standards for all students.

This was the first year everyone living in the district could participate. Previous surveys were limited to parents, students and staff. This year, 5,731 people participated, compared to just under 4,000 last year.

The survey was taken in April and May. Gannon said the district will include more questions next year, and drum up more interest in taking the survey.

In other action:

Board Vice-president Steve Maher moved up to president, and trustee Jamie Yee was elected vice-president. Votes on both were unanimous.

The board approved a 2.75% pay boost for teachers and other certificated personnel, such as counselors. The 2.75% increase applies to each of three years of the contract, retroactive to July 1, 2019; it is not compounded annually. The agreement will expire June 30, 2022. The vote was unanimous. The item will have its second reading at the board’s Jan. 14 meeting.