Local resident and community leader, Kashef Qaadri, will run for Dublin City Council Nov. 3.

In an at-large election, Qaadri hopes to snag one of the two seats made available by vacating Dublin City Councilmembers Melissa Hernandez and Arun Goel — both now running for mayor.

“With nearly 65,000 people in Dublin, it is paramount to have people serve on the city council who will represent us with integrity, a ‘get-it-done’ mindset, and who will tirelessly strive for the well-being of each and every citizen,” he said.

Qaadri reported that he will invest time between now and election day to safely meet with local residents and business leaders to understand their concerns and discuss new ideas on improving our community. Before the election on Nov. 3, he plans to release a comprehensive platform for voters to consider that will focus on three key priorities: safety and preparedness; resilience and well-being; and economic and environmental sustainability.

Qaadri is currently an executive at a local life sciences research company, where he leads Cloud Strategy. Throughout his career at several growth-stage and established companies, he served in multiple leadership roles including business development, commercial operations, strategy and product. Qaadri said he will “leverage his vast and deep business experience to drive stronger fiscal responsibility, collaborate with neighboring cities and towns, and employ smart solutions, all working toward his goal to boost livelihoods.”

Qaadri concluded, “My primary goal is to be your voice, represent you honorably, come prepared to work day one, and show impact to grow our community to even greater heights.”