Shelter at Home for many means more time together, but for some it means home alone without the usual everyday contact with the world. What have people done to keep busy at home or even have fun? How have they learned or felt obligated to better communicate?

We hit the streets of Livermore to ask a few questions — while standing at least six feet away.

“Having this time has allowed me to gain more focus for the things that really matter,” said Tracy Kronzak, of Livermore. “I’ve returned to my writing and have time to be with my new puppy. I cleared off a wall and am using it as a big screen in my house where my partner and children are watching all sorts of movies. It’s really a home theater in our place.”

“I’m learning to connect digitally,” said Jessica Hart, who recently moved to Livermore. “I’m connecting with friends and video chatting. I’ve never done that before. With the time I now have, I deep cleaned the house and discovered that the inside dust bunnies had propagated even faster than those hopping around in our backyard. To top it off, my husband Ian actually shaved off his beard since his barber was closed. He looks 10 years younger!”

“Our yard really needed some TLC, so my wife Janice and I became gardeners. It was dig out the old and plant in with the new,” said Livermore resident Brad Cantua. “Then we tackled the house, connecting better than ever before, since we had to make decisions about what went where and what to throw out together.”

“The blocks of time into which I previously had compartmentalized my life melted away when shelter in place began,” said Ann Brown, a Tri-Valley outreach and education specialist. “I am now free to read, explore web sites, call people, form new ideas and organize with no distractions. Shelter in Place translated into ‘Be Here Now’ for me, as we all navigate these uncharted waters.”

“This past week has made me rethink how we communicate. By Monday I had a ‘Zoom’ account,” Livermore City Councilwoman Trish Munro said. “Through ‘zooming’ around, I got to see my 8 month old granddaughter online crawling and, for the first time, pulling herself up to standing. I would have missed all that if I had been at meetings. I also now have time to go for walks and wave to people across the street. There actually seems to be more tranquility and appreciation of the world that I previously had not seen.”