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A weekend bag lunch program for hungry children, scholarships for girls for Tech Camp, an accessible planting station for special needs individuals, and a music healing program for hospital patients are just four of the 14 community grants distributed by the Rotarian Foundation of Livermore last year.

Applications are now being accepted for the new fiscal year.

Three decades ago, the two Rotary Clubs of Livermore formed the Rotarian Foundation for the purpose of making substantial charitable gifts to deserving projects within Livermore’s sphere of influence. Since its establishment as a tax-exempt qualified charitable fund, the foundation has grown in value to over $1.8 million. Its investment and donations program will allow the foundation to support major projects in Livermore for many more years.

The total amount anticipated to be available for grant awards this year is $60,000; the ‘sweet spot’ for each grant is in the $3,000 to $5,000 range.

The mission of the Rotarian Foundation of Livermore is to create opportunities for young people, promote community service, foster original ideas for new outreach, and improve the quality of life for the Livermore Valley community.

Grant applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Benefit the youth of Livermore

Promote community service in Livermore

Meet an important specific need efficiently

Provide an enduring and extensive community benefit

Leverage of the foundation grant through matching support or volunteer efforts

Recognize the foundation’s charitable efforts

Respect the race, creed, and ethnicity of all beneficiaries.

A task force of Rotarians meets to read the applications and determine the winners. Last year, the grants given totaled $65,022.

Applications must be received no later than Dec. 7, 2020. If necessary, interviews for award finalists will be held in February 2021, with the awards being announced and funded in April 2021. The application and supplemental information are available at