LPC Solar 07-30-20 041

(Photo - Doug Jorgensen)

Chris O’Brien, with Save North Livermore Valley, issued the following statement this week on the decision by the East Alameda County Board of Zoning Adjustments to approve a conditional-use permit for the proposed Aramis industrial solar power plant:

“The parties have known that any decision by the Board of Zoning Adjustments on the Aramis industrial solar power plant was subject to full review by the Board of Supervisors. Save North Livermore Valley will file an appeal. Alameda County wishes to expand renewable energy in its effort to fight climate change. We support this goal. We also know the ends do not justify the means. The Aramis project egregiously violates Measure D and the county zoning code. And, the desire by county staff to support renewables has clouded their judgement.”

O’Brien continued:

“Furthermore, the county has not undertaken work essential to achieving its climate change goals. The county lacks both a comprehensive solar policy and a map of locations suitable for solar facilities that pose the least conflict with open space, wildlife habitat, agricultural land and scenic corridors. Based on the extensive comments and analysis by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, leading local environmental organizations, and wildlife biologists, North Livermore Valley could not be a worse location in Alameda County to construct a utility-scale solar facility. The Aramis plant will destroy the habitat for numerous threatened and special-status species. We are confident that the Board of Supervisors will carefully review the evidentiary record and come to the same conclusion."