Six members from the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department (LPFD) remain under quarantine this week awaiting COVID-19 results after four firefighters tested positive.

Deputy Chief Joe Testa reported the first case was identified June 19 prior to the discovery of the other three through aggressive testing.

“We appreciate the community concern for our firefighters while they are working under this heightened risk,” Testa said. “All (of the firefighters) are in good condition … We do not believe that the community was ever placed at risk as strict personal protective equipment and practices had already been put in place.”

Testa stated the department has been able to maintain full staffing throughout the organization.

“This does raise concern for us going into the Fourth of July for the well-being of residents as the holiday often includes gatherings and celebrations,” he said. “We encourage everyone to continue wearing their face coverings, keeping their social distancing and other practices that prevent the spread of this very real virus.”