The highest paid city employee in Livermore will see his annual cash compensation increase by more than $16,000 and the second highest paid employee will bring home nearly $15,000 more in pay during the next 12 months.

Raises for City Manager Marc Roberts and City Attorney Jason Alcala were unanimously approved by the City Council during its regular meeting Monday night with little discussion. Roberts’ received a 5.65% raise, bringing his base salary to $282,547. Alcala’s base pay increased by 5.6% to $263,000. In addition to pay increases, the two officials will also get more generous employer contributions to their retirement accounts.

The decision followed contract negotiations and employee performance reviews of the two officials during two closed-door executive sessions in October.

“It was a brutal wrist-wrestling competition, but eventually we came to an agreement,” said Mayor John Marchand, who negotiated the labor contract on behalf of the city. He added that the council agreed during the performance reviews that the city manager and city attorney have done a remarkable job.

Seven other top managers at the city, including Livermore Police Chief Michael Harris, will receive 2.5 percent raises and see an increase to the city’s contribution to their deferred compensation plans. These changes exactly mirror improved perks received by middle managers over the summer. In a report to the council recommending the changes, Roberts said the increased pay and benefits reflect market conditions and will help avoid salary compression — little difference in pay —between the executive managers and those they supervise.

Roberts and Alcala are both contractual employees and serve at the pleasure of the City Council. As such, they can be terminated without cause. However each have severance clauses in their contracts that would entitle them to continued pay and benefits for a full year.

Last year, Roberts’ total compensation, including salary and benefits, reached $333,364, according to public records. The council extended his employment contract this week by an additional year, to 2024. Alcala’s total 2018 compensation was $314,079, according to public records with the California State Controller’s office. His contract is open-ended and does not include an expiration date.