Community members interested in the role of student resource officers (SRO) and policing practices in Pleasanton are invited to participate in an open, online forum Saturday, Jan. 16, at 3 p.m.

Hosted by the Grassroots Law Project — a student-led Amador Valley High School club that focuses on battling systemic racism in the community — along with the nonprofit organization Genesis, the Pleasanton Action Network and Students for Social Change, the forum is designed to facilitate discussions and address law enforcement concerns.

“The catalyst for creating this forum was both the events that occurred locally and a general view of the world right now,” said Nadia Rehman, Amador student and Grassroots Law Project president. “We hope to stimulate conversation about potential solutions to problems posed by SROs and want to see action taken by both administrators and community members to implement these solutions. We hope to also see schools starting to take action by not allowing SROs to bring weapons on campus.”

Organizers said that Pleasanton police officers were not invited to the event in order to encourage a more open and free conversation. They did however, stress that the virtual discussion is a forum, not a debate, and participants will be asked to maintain a peaceful and respectful dialog.

“Our goal is to have people on all sides of the issue (call in) so that everyone can learn from each other and gain new perspectives,” said Rehman. “Our group will consider this forum a success if we see students and community members concerned about this issue and wanting to make change.”

The event will be facilitated through Zoom, and community members wishing to view and/or speak during the forum can sign up at

For additional questions or information, contact Nadia Rehman at