Author Doris Miller poses in an outfit from her Philippines travels in 1948. (Photo - Barbara Egbert)

Doris Miller – a longtime resident of Sunol – has written down her adventures as one of the first civilian Americans to help the Philippines recover from the devastation of World War II in her book, “Welcome to Luzon.”

She and her husband, Charlie Rogers, moved to Manila in 1947 when Rogers signed a two-year contract with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department to help locals rebuild the fishing industry. The young couple packed up their belongings and travelled 8,500 miles from New England to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, just two weeks after their daughter, Ann, was born. Miller said the book is about Americans coming out of the war years and learning to live in peace again.

“We were facing the peacetime years and trying to get back to normal living after the war,” she said. “I want people to enjoy reading the story as much as we enjoyed living it.”

Miller’s humor and insight paint a vivid picture of life in post-war Manilla. She recounts her family’s adventures with interesting details and includes photos from the trip. Now, at the age of 94, Mille said writing down her story this past year has brought back memories to put a smile on her face.

“I still treasure the many people I met and the adventures we enjoyed during our time in the Philippines,” Miller writes in her book. “I saw and did a lot more than any ordinary tourist could hope to do.”

During the 30 years she has lived in Sunol, Miller has been an active member of the Sunol Repertory Theater and the Little Brown Church of Sunol.

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