CTS near Bel Roma Rd_Photo by Merlin Newton_02212021.jpeg

California tiger salamander near Bel Roma Rd (Photo - Merlin Newton)

Multiple California tiger salamanders have been sighted near the proposed Aramis solar project in North Livermore Valley.

Wildlife biologist Karen Swaim identified a juvenile California tiger salamander heading in a westward direction on North Livermore Avenue near its terminus at Manning Road and next to the main parcel for the proposed Aramis industrial solar plant. The sighting occurred during a nighttime rainstorm on Feb. 11, 2021.

“Due to the many documented occurrences of the California tiger salamander in every direction near the Aramis project site, and 15 confirmed breeding sites within the dispersal area of the salamander and the Aramis project, it has always been clear that the California tiger salamander was highly likely to be present at the site,” Swaim stated.

The Aramis Project’s environmental impact report (EIR) found that the conversion of over 350 acres of grassland and cropland into a solar generation facility would not significantly impact the threatened California tiger salamander because there was “only a low potential” for the amphibian to be represent at the site.