Eric Swalwell at a kickoff rally at Dublin High School. (Photo – Doug Jorgensen)

The Tri-Valley Democratic Club at a meeting on Monday April 15 endorsed Congressman Eric Swalwell's candidacy for President of the United States.

Swalwell's signature issue is banning assault weapons, while buying back those already in communities. The Club’s press release notes, “There is a basic fairness to this approach that appeals to many Democrats and Republicans. His assault weapon buyback plan is well worth the cost when compared to the cost of not getting those weapons off the street."

Club members state that Swalwell is best known as a member of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees; he frequently speaks on various investigations, where he will be instrumental in coming months, giving him the opportunity to be a champion for democracy.

When first elected, he keynoted a forum about Money in Politics, and according to the Club, hit all the right notes: direct election of the President and Vice President by popular vote, a fair and equitable primary process, getting big money out of politics, protecting against voter roll purging and voter suppression, preventing dirty tricks from corrupting elections, and ending gerrymandering.


At the same meeting, Evan Branning, who recently announced his candidacy for State Senate, District 7, made his case to the Tri-Valley Democratic Club at the IBEW Hall in Dublin. After a discussion, Branning received the Club's endorsement.

The District is currently represented by Steve Glazer, who is eligible to run in 2020.