Univeristy of CA AIC

The University of California’s Agricultural Issues Center, in partnership with Livermore’s Tri-Valley Conservancy, is investigating current and future agricultural production in the Livermore Valley.

The study’s lead researcher, Dr. James Lapsley, is an economic historian who studies wine marketing and business. Lapsley has personal experience with wine production and sales, and from 1980 to 2002, he operated a 6000-case winery specializing in wine made from organically grown grapes.

Properties in the South Livermore Valley Area Plan include more than 50 wineries and nearly 4,000 acres of cultivated agriculture, such as wine grapes, olives, pistachios, and hops. Lapsley will be focusing on the profitability of grape growing and winemaking in the Livermore Valley and the implications of climate change on local agriculture.

The study will inform policymakers and farmers on agricultural profitability in Livermore and will identify barriers to and opportunities for Livermore Valley agriculture. Leaders of the study will be contacting winery owners and grape growers and aims to include everyone.

If you own a winery or grow crops on your property and have not heard from Tri-Valley Conservancy, reach out to lmercier@trivalleyconservancy.org for more information.