City of Pleasanton

The City of Pleasanton has acquired UVD Robots for additional sanitization in city facilities to further disinfect surface and airborne particles against COVID-19.

Pleasanton is the first city government in the U.S. to use UVD Robots. The city currently utilizes enhanced professional cleaning and disinfecting services that include daily sanitization of facilities, frequent cleaning of high touch surface areas, such as door handles and public counters, and it has updated its HVAC system. The robots will serve as an additional sanitization tool to the city’s rigorous cleaning protocols.

The UVD Robots use a UV-C light technology often used by hospitals and airports to disinfect surfaces and airborne particles to prevent and reduce the spread COVID-19, as well as protection against other infectious diseases, bacteria, spores, and other harmful organic microorganisms in the environment by breaking down DNA structure.

“As the city continues to provide services to the Pleasanton community, we want to ensure that every precaution and effort has been made to protect residents and employees from the virus within city facilities,” said City Manager Nelson Fialho. “This is a game changer for the city, as we plan for the safe reopening of our major public facilities to the public, including the library, senior center, permit center and other highly frequented public buildings. The robots not only sanitize surfaces, but also kill airborne particles which most professional cleaning services do not offer.”

Three UVD Robots have been procured from a local Pleasanton-based distributor, SNAP Solutions, and will be deployed to the various city facilities in the coming weeks. For more information, follow the City of Pleasanton on Facebook @CityofPleasanton and Twitter @Pleasantonca.