With updated 460 forms submitted at the end of last month, voters can review campaign funds each candidate received since the beginning of the year.


At the supervisorial level for Alameda County, Vinnie Bacon and David Haubert will vie for the District 1 seat. Below is an overview of their contributors, as listed by candidate in last-name alphabetical order.

Vinnie Bacon

As last reported Sept. 25, Bacon received a total of $125,699.40 this year. That figure is made up of $75,699.40 in monetary contributions and $50,000 in loans received. His total reported expenditures were $114,943.65.

On his list of just over 100 contributors since Jan. 1, Bacon received donations ranging in small-dollar amounts of $12 to $10,500 from individuals only.

David Haubert

Haubert’s most recent 460 form was updated Sept. 29, showing campaign contributions to total $430,673.99. He has received no loans. His total expenditures were $362,300.45.

Since Jan. 1, just over 150 contributions came in for Haubert. Those who contributed were individuals, along with companies and unions, including:

Associated Builders and Contractors Northern California ($10,000); Ponderosa Homes LLC ($2,500); Friends of Catherine Baker State Assembly ($1,000); California Apartment Association ($5,000); Thom Gamble Consulting Services ($100); Nella Terra Cellars, Inc. ($1,000); California Real Estate PAC ($25,000); International Association of Firefighters, Local 55 PAC ($10,000); Mag Trucking ($1,000); All City Trucking ($500); Build Jobs PAC ($5,000); Champion Recovery Services ($1,000); RPM Holdings LP ($2,500); The Quarry Lane School, Inc. ($2,000); Village Parkway LLC ($250); Cemex Inc. ($5,000); H & N Enterprises ($6,000); Mangiata LLC ($1,000); Construction & General Laborers Local Union ($10,000); Mission Valley Rock Co. ($1,000); Rafanelli & Naha Mgt. Corp ($3,000); Third Reef Consulting ($2,500); Livermore-Pleasanton Firefighters Local 1974 ($500); Beete Hospitality Group ($250); Laborers Pacific Southwest Regional Organizing Coalition PAC ($10,000); Wente Land & Cattle Co. ($3,750); Ponderosa Homes II, Inc. ($2,500); Vantec ($1,000); Signature Homes Inc. ($2,000); Dutra Enterprises Inc. ($1,000); Greenville Road Land Co. ($1,500); Glazer for Senate 2020 ($2,000); Sheriff Gregory Ahern ($2,500); Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. ($5,000); Bay Media Star Inc. ($1,000); Berkeley International Education Resources LLC ($1,000); Elliston Winery Wine Sales LLC ($2,500); Global Tel Link Corp ($1,000); Laborers Local 185 PAC ($1,000); Nate Miley for Supervisor ($350); Shin Innovatives LLC ($250); Wellpath ($1,500); Palomares Cattle Co. Inc. ($500); Westover Winery Inc. ($250).


Arun Goel

Goel has received a total of $22,926.94 in campaign contributions. A loan received for $2,777.47 and $20,149.47 in donations make up the balance. He has spent $14,481.55.

Contributors include nearly 60 individual donors.

Melissa Hernandez

In total, Hernandez has received $22,340, with $1,000 coming from a loan. Her expenditures total $10,606.75.

She has received contributions from nearly 100 individuals.


Mony Nop

Nop’s campaign has received a total of $35,600.96, with $33,277.96 coming from contributors and $2,323 donated in nonmonetary form. His expenditures total $22,076.21. 65

He had over 100 contributors, and most of them were individuals. He received $500 from El Charro Mexican Food and Cantina; Madal Bal North American Inc. gave $150; and Liftians, Inc. donated $500.

Bob Woerner

Woerner has pulled a total of $42,976.17 with zero in loans. He has spent $21,728.89.

In addition to individuals, he’s received contributions from the following: Wente Land and Cattle Company ($500); Greenville Road Land Company LLC ($1,000); Ponderosa Homes II Inc. ($1,000); Demitri’s Taverna BBC ($1,000); Republican Urban Properties LLC ($2,500); Shea Homes and Affiliated Entities ($1,000); Gradetech Inc. ($9,900); Glazer for Senate ($500); Smart Local 104 ($2,000); and UA Local 342 ($1,000).


Karla Brown

With $3,581.34 in nonmonetary donations and $23,417.88 in monetary contributions, Brown has received a total of $26,999.22. Her expenditures total $17,812.17. More than 100 individuals make up her contributors.

Monith Ilavarasan

Ilavarasan’s campaign has generated $1,930, including a loan for $800. He has spent $905.81. He has received contributions from individuals along with Bay East Brokers Inc. for $100.

Jerry Pentin

Pentin has pulled in $38,287.78 for his campaign, including $1,000 in nonmonetary contributions. He has spent $22,141.31.

He has predominantly received contributions from individuals, along with Kathy Narum for Mayor 2020 ($4,266.13) and Glazer for Senate 2020 ($500).

To view complete forms, visit acvote.org (candidates > campaign finance).