After 20 years’ service on the board, Zone 7 Water Agency Director Bill Stevens has resigned.

Stevens was first elected in 1998, the only time he actively campaigned for office. In subsequent elections, he said he relied on his ballot designation as a geological engineer, shunning the voter pamphlet information box that some candidates use.

Stevens was known for his candor at board meeting, including points that were critical of other views.

Stevens resigned effective March 11. He did not attend the board’s March 20 meeting. Fellow directors unanimously passed a resolution honoring Stevens. They also offered remarks.

Sarah Palmer said, “ Stevens was logical, highly intelligent, always willing to tell you what he thinks. Even if he comes at you (and your view is opposite), he was always willing to change his mind”.

Sandy Figuers, who served several terms in the1990s, said, “I’ve probably known Bill longer than anyone here. I truly appreciated his forthrightness.”

Dennis Gambs, a retired Zone 7 engineer who was elected to the board in 2018, declared, “Stevens was a straight shooter. He did not try to hide his feelings. He acquired a lot of knowledge over 20 years.”

Stevens told a reporter that he spent the first 10 years on the board learning 75% of the water business. “Now I know 95%. That’s what I expect from directors. You are young. It’s very complicated.”

Stevens said that he never made decisions with the intention of having them wind up short-term. ”I always thought ahead 50 years. That’s what we are there for.”

Stevens was in a business partnership until 2017, then decided to continue on his own. Putting energy into his new business led to his decision to leave Zone 7. He said he felt a responsibility to his employees to build the business as much as possible.

Stevens has two sons in college. His wife is also an engineer.


The board established an application and appointment process. Applicants must reside in the Zone 7 district, and submit an application and resume by the filing deadline on April 22 at 5 p.m.

The board will conduct interviews with the intention of selecting a new board member at its May 2nd meeting, which begins at 7:00 p.m. If a second meeting were needed, it would be held May10.

Interested candidates can obtain applications at the Zone 7 offices, 100 North Canyons Parkway, Livermore, or online at