Born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, Woman of God, and a true "Proverbs 31 Woman," married 56 years (Dublin resident for 53 years), homemaker, loved children, caring for and teaching them on Sundays at Harvest Valley Church. She was a Prayer Warrior, encourager, humble servant to all, never seeking praise, preferring to give all the credit to others.

In the '70s, she traveled with The Strand Family Singers, singing and ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to churches of ALL denominations, seeking to bring others together rather than allowing "differences" (other than foundational Christian Orthodoxy) to cause division. She was a member of, and traveled with, the 50-voice "Children of the Lord" choir at Victory Temple, in Oakland, leading the Alto section in harmonic excellence and instruction, recording two LP records in the early years, many songs of which are still being played today on radio and world-wide internet stations.

She loved traveling on nearly 40 different ocean liners and cruise ships, to six continents and 132 countries on 105 cruises, chalking well over 1,000 days at sea. Her children cruised with the family more than 25 times and her mother, Ada, cruised with the family on 12 cruises, even when she was in her mid-90s.

She is survived by her husband Dale, son Randall, daughter Rhonda and son-in-law Rich Jimenez, grandson Anthony Jimenez, granddaughter Danielle Jimenez, and great-granddaughter Alayah Jimenez.

She fought and won many battles with cancer over a 24-year period and surprised physicians and oncologists at her ability to overcome severe, constant pain and keep moving upward and onward in spite of the many disabling treatment side effects. As the cancer spread throughout her body, she fought it for 30 months beyond what "the experts" said was even possible. In her final week, as she slipped into the wide-open arms of her Savior, she and her husband sang their favorite gospel choruses and hymns, as was their custom almost daily and while traveling. One of her favorites was "Oh I want to see Him, look upon His face, there to sing forever, of His saving Grace. On the streets of Glory, let me lift my voice, cares all past, Home at last, ever to Rejoice!" In her tattered and worn out Bible, she had hand written a note to herself, "No matter WHAT happens in my life – I am in Your hands, Lord." And then, she added, "Jesus ― I can make it..."

She and her husband desired to set forth at the beginning of their wills, as the most important item in them, a confession of their faith in their Savior, Jesus Christ. Elaine also desired to bear witness to the fact that throughout her life, in which there were unusual joys and sorrows, that she had been wonderfully sustained by the watchful support of her family and her strong faith in God through Jesus Christ. She served Him totally, completely, whole-heartedly, and holding nothing back!

The Memorial Service, open to all, will take place on Sunday, August 18, 2019, at 2 p.m. at Harvest Valley Church, 3200 Hopyard Rd., Pleasanton, Calif.