Gwendolyn Logette

Resident of Pleasanton

When the conductor said “All Aboard” for the beginning of her journey, Newfoundland was the first of five stops that would comprise her 96+ years of a well-lived life. At the outset she was accompanied by her parents James and Beatrice Mercer, and five brothers: Ralph, Graham, Malcolm, Philip and Leslie — all of whom predeceased her.

After graduating high school, Gwendolyn did office and clerical work, and helped Graham in his brokerage business until 1955, when she went on a trip with Graham to Montreal, and while there met and fell in love with her husband-to-be Trevor. She stayed on and later that year they were married. The couple spent a short time in Montreal and later that year they moved to New Liskeard in Northern Ontario. That winter she was bitterly cold. A favorite winter sport was outdoor curling on natural ice. They both took up the sport, and she followed it avidly when it became an Olympic event.

The fourth stop on her journey was in London, Ontario, where during the next decade her three children Barry, Tracey and Richard were born.

In 1968 the family moved to Pleasanton, which became her fifth and final stop. At the beginning of her more than half century life there, she was active in the Pleasanton Newcomers Club. She enjoyed bowling, and her other interests included interior decorating and current events. She was blessed with good health and travelled extensively until she was in her 90s. She decided to stop travelling during what was the be her last trip to Las Vegas; airport security demanded she take off her boots.

In addition to her husband and three children, she is survived by two granddaughters Samantha Rockhill and Jenee Logette.