Jack Norman Renaud

Jack Norman Renaud, 68, passed away peacefully at home in Emmett, Idaho. He was a resident of Emmett, Idaho, and Livermore, Calif. Jack was born April 19, 1951, in Albuquerque, N.M.

The Renaud Family moved to Livermore in 1958. His father, Norman Jack, was transferred to the new Sandia National Laboratories to be the head of the Accounting Division. His mother Phyllis worked at the Beauty Nook and JC Penney.

After moving to Livermore, Jack attended Fifth Street School, Joe Michell School and Granada High School. Some of his favorite childhood memories included playing in Mocho Creek, building forts and catching tadpoles with his best friends Kevin White, Kelly, and Jim Dawson. Some combination of Dick Johnson, Tom Morehouse, Mike Guntrum, Keith Jordan or the Batzer Boys would usually accompany them. Jack maintained friendships with many of the kids from the 'hood until the day he passed.

Jack dutifully worked for Manual Mingoia and the members of the Livermore Rod and Gun Club from the seventh grade until he graduated from high school in 1969. He loved working the weekend trap tournaments as well as the important state and national shooting events. Jack was often heard to say that the cheeseburgers at the Livermore-Pleasanton Rod and Gun Club where the "best he'd ever eaten."

As a 16 year old, Jack enjoyed it when his mom would dispatch him to drive his dad's Chrysler convertible to Holdener Dairy. Armed with $2, Jack would buy milk, eggs, bread, orange juice, and ice cream, and still have change to give his mother.

At Granada High School (1965-1969), Jack played basketball, football, soccer, and golf – lettering in football, soccer, and golf (4X). Simultaneously Jack was an administrator for the Block G Club and played (if that's what you want to call it) the trumpet in the band. The class moto was “Love, beer, sex, and wine. We’re the Class of '69."

Jack enlisted in the Army in 1971 and was stationed at Fort Ord, Calif., and Fort Collins, Colo., before an 18-month assignment in Korea.

In Korea Jack served as aid to General Lynn Hoskins. In his position as de facto Chief of Staff Jack helped to organize the general’s daily schedule, ensure appointment times were punctually met, and provide psychological counseling (occasionally on the golf course and sometimes on the 19th hole). General Hoskins graciously made Jack part of his inner circle. During his time in Korea, Jack met George Jessel, Bob Hope and other USO dignitaries.

After an honorable discharge from the US Army, Sergeant Jack Renaud enrolled at College of the Redwoods. He distinguished himself on the varsity golf and baseball teams, earning a total of four letters. Jack remains the only person in College of the Redwoods history to earn letters in two varsity team sports simultaneously. Jack's greatest athletic achievement was his introduction into the College of the Redwoods Hall of Fame as a member of the championship baseball team of 1975.

After college Jack began

work in the construction trades. He cut his teeth on hanging sheetrock, taping joints, and texturing walls and ceilings. After acquiring the basic skills, it was clear that Jack could handle more complex projects – not just square rooms with perpendicular walls. Jack's attention to detail and creative mind made him perfect for curved soffits and complex designs. Oftentimes, challenging carpentry designs would funnel to Jack and his "work wife" Dave Busse since they were the most likely to complete the assigned work quickly, professionally and with great attention to detail.

After management stints at RMR and GCI, Jack found his calling. As a Project Superintendent with an overview, he was able to help manage the way projects were initiated, learned how building benchmarks were achieved and measured, and finally watched the final chads fall off a final punch card.

On July 18, 1992, Jack and Helene were married in Pleasanton, Calif. In their early years Jack and Helene often traveled to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, where they loved to fish and beachcomb. One year Jack (regretfully) caught a 16-foot sailfish. Other notable family vacations included trips to Homer, Alaska and Ship Creek ... always with generous time spent at remote fishing sites. A most memorable trip was the trip Jack and Helene spent fishing with Marty and Cindy Mikolich at remote locations including Whalers Cove.

Likely the best family vacation was when Jack and Helene visited daughter Rachelle at her US Army base in Belgium. Every day brought a new adventure. Driving without definitive destinations brought Jack, Helene, and Rachelle to some of the hidden gems in Europe. The single location that brought them the greatest pleasure, however, was Cologne, with its Gothic architecture.

Jack's love for the outdoors included time spent actively fishing, hunting, panning and prospecting as well as camping and orienteering. Jack enjoyed learning about the various aspects of mountain disciplines that would make him better at the things he loved. Whether as an active sports participant, both in his youth and in his later years, Jack always sought self-improvement. For the sports Jack enjoyed as a fan, he kept a critical eye. Jack found it hard to be nonchalant when watching a player he thought was just a little too relaxed. Jack was known to lay a little criticism on a player who let a lazy fly ball drop in the front of him for a single – especially when it was one of his favorite teams. Undisciplined or lazy players on Jack or Helene's favorite teams (49ers,Giants, Bears) could count on voodoo pin pricks and salty language.

Jack was also a member of the American Legion in Livermore. As an honor guard member, Jack enjoyed bingo and sharing memories at the VA hospital with the retired veterans.

Jack garnered great joy and was very proud of the woman his daughter, Rachelle, had become. He would pump his chest up and tell people that, "She was a third-generation Sergeant Renaud in the US Army," and point out how she had been inducted into the selective Audie Murphy Club at Fort Hood, Texas. Rachelle will always be Jack's Pooh.

When Jack and Helene's grandkids, Zayah (Z Man) and Aurora (Rory Bear, Cupcake) arrived, Jack felt a new sense of priorities. While coaching t-ball was 40 years in Jack's rear view mirror, on behalf of Zayah Jack committed many hours to improve Zayah's team. Likewise, Jack and Helene attended any and all of Rory's recitals and events.

On a 2017 trip to Idaho, Jack and Helene reconnected with Livermore neighbors Dan and Ashleigh Mandeville (along with their two sons Dale and Weston, and Hank, the dog). Jack fell in love with the small town of Emmett, Idaho, and decided to spend the remainder of his life there. Jack had a house built and moved to Emmett full-time in May of 2018. Helene has since been dividing her time between the Renaud residence in Livermore and the new home in Emmett.

Jack was preceded in death by his father, Norman Jack Renaud and his mother, Phyllis Lorraine Renaud. He is survived by his wife of 27 years Helene (Allin) Renaud, his daughter Rachelle (Renaud) Chase, and grandchildren Zayah and Aurora Chase of Oviedo, Fla.

To honor the life of Jack Renaud, a party has been planned at Basso’s Arena, 6060 Dagnino Rd., Livermore, on Sept. 14, from 2 to 5 p.m. Admission is cheap: one story about Jack.

If you have a photo you would like to share please send it via email to CindyMikolich@yahoo.com.

This will be a festive party intended to celebrate Jack's life. In lieu of flowers please make a donation to the American Legion or the United States Army.