Jose J. Moreno

Jose J. “Chuy” Moreno passed away on June 5, 2020, surrounded by his family at his home in Livermore, California, from complications caused by a long battle with mesothelioma.

Chuy was born to Juan Moreno Martinez and Ana Maria Negrete, in Tizapan El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico, on July 30, 1961, He was the eldest of 10 siblings and became the foundation for the success of many of his brothers and sisters. He spent his formative years in Mexico City, where he developed his innate talent and love for sports, especially soccer, which he actively played until his early 40s.

When his family relocated to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, he met his best friend, life partner, confidant, and wife, Maria Toscano. They married on Feb. 4, 1989. In the summer of 1995, after the Mexican economy crashed, Chuy moved to, California, where he began working in construction. His family joined him the following summer. Chuy remained in Livermore, California, until his passing.

To call him selfless would be an understatement. Chuy gave everything of himself to provide for his family. He gave up an opportunity to become a professional soccer player to help support his siblings and parents. Chuy was devoted to his family. When he married, he also took on the responsibility of being a father to two young boys, Hugo and Aldo, from Maria’s previous marriage. His love and patience shone through when the boys had trouble adjusting to his new role in the family. When Maria went back to school in Mexico, Chuy took on the role of cook and caregiver to the boys, which by then included Ulises. His best dishes included over-salted eggs, quesadillas, and coffee with spoiled milk. When Maria resumed her studies in the U.S., Chuy reprised his roles of cook and caregiver once more. His cooking got better too!

Nothing exemplifies Chuy better than his love for his family and travel. He loved vacationing with his family at every opportunity, including a memorable trip from Guadalajara to Cancun in Mexico, many trips to Las Vegas, a trip to Disneyland where he nearly lost his lunch on a Star Wars simulation, a trip to Hawaii thanks to Ulises’ prowess in soccer, and his final trip to Texas.

In particular, he loved Christmas because it meant he could spend more time with his loved ones. Chuy was a shining example of what it meant to be a devoted husband, loving father, amazing friend, and an easy-going person. He will forever be remembered as the calm voice of patience, with an unrivaled love for pozole and homemade corn tortillas, a questionable fashion sense (thank you Maria for helping him see reason!), a work ethic that outmatched his pay rate, and a burning desire to help and provide for his family. His wish was for his family to stay together, care for and love one another, and not to argue over silly things, especially money.

He is survived by his wife Maria Toscano, and his sons, Ulises, Hugo, and Aldo. A visitation, funeral mass, and committal were held on June 17, 2020.