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Lawrence Huiskamp Burdick passed away on May 17 with his devoted wife Kellie at his side. He was 59. For more than a year, Larry struggled against a glioblastoma brain tumor, enduring two surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation – and gaining several additional months of active life. During that time, Kellie and Larry rode bikes, explored Hawaii, visited the family cabin, and enjoyed many trips to parks and local beaches. Despite Larry’s courage and optimism, the tumor could not be conquered.

Larry was born in the fall 1963, on the Presidio in San Francisco, the third child of Claude Owen and Margaret Huiskamp Burdick. When he was only a few weeks old, the Army sent the Burdicks to Camp Zama, Japan, where Claude was the pathologist in a hospital treating the Vietnam wounded. For more than three formative years, Larry explored Japan with the family, riding in the back of a red Volkswagen bug on family drives with his father, climbing the stone Buddha at Kamakura, walking through piles of cherry blossoms, and delighting Japanese ladies who happily fed him dried octopus and other delicacies most American children would not touch.