Louann Schwager Tung

Louann Schwager Tung died of colon cancer on July 20, at 10:10 p.m., at her residence in Livermore. With astronomy being one of her many interests, perhaps it was appropriate that her passing coincided almost to the minute with the 50-year anniversary of man stepping on the moon.

Louann spent her entire life learning, helping, advocating, and seeking while appreciating all of God’s creation. Born in Springfield, Ill., on June 25, 1955, she was raised by nurturing parents Mary and Wilson Schwager in Granite City, Ill. Louann learned to love nature at the family cabin along the Illinois river and through the gentle guidance of her namesake, Aunt Ann.

She achieved a bachelors and a masters degree from the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign and moved to the Bay Area. There she earned her doctorate in Nuclear Engineering at Cal-Berkeley. Louann spent 40 wonderful years enjoying the many splendors of California. She raised a son, Marcus, to whom she was totally devoted. Louann’s professional life was as an engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, focusing on nuclear fusion as a power source and later on Magnetic Levitation Systems. Louann worked on many environmental and other issues, and was the driving force behind the creation of the Granada Native Gardens in Livermore. She obtained funding, assembled volunteers and put in countless hours to help make it happen. Louann was also heavily involved in the Friends of the Arroyos, and in the fight over the proposed Garaventa Ranch development.

Louann traveled several times to India as a devotee of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and it is in her faith that she found peace both in life and in death.

Louann is survived by her son Marcus, her birth mother Lou Ann Grady, her brother Wilson Schwager II, and many friends and relatives who showed their great love for her during her life and in her final months. The family wishes to express deep gratitude to all those people who lent Louann emotional, financial and spiritual support during trying times. Special thanks to Bianca, Kodandi, Najjiyya, Poornananda and many others both inside and outside her spiritual community who were there for Louann in so many instances. In memory of Louann, we suggest that you support the earth for the sake of those who will follow us, and to each day truly appreciate the time that God has granted you.