Mildred Karstens passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2020.

Originally from Moscow, Idaho, she attended school in Washington, and later obtain a degree while living in California. Passionate about her work, Mil worked for Alameda County in Adult Protective Services for 32 years. She was known for her incredible focus, dedication to helping others and the development of her co-workers.

Upon retirement, she set out upon two lifelong dreams, to live on a ranch and travel. With her family, she found a small ranch near Livermore, spending hours gardening, tending animals and doing nearly everything ranch related. She achieved her dream of traveling, visiting Africa, South America, the Galapagos, Alaska, and many places throughout the United States. However, she made it a point to travel to see her friends.

Mil is survived by her sister, brothers, two sons and wives, and a granddaughter. Mil is preceded in death by her husband, Jon Sr, and will be buried next to him in the Mid-West. Mil was spoken of having made significant impact in hundreds of peoples’ lives, and will be missed by every single one.