Steve Longerbeam

Steve was only 55 and in perfect health.

It makes no sense. We do not yet know the cause of death. He's survived by parents, Gordon and Esther; brothers, David and Michael; sister, Susan; and Lucy, his best friend and soulmate.

Shy, sweet, innocent, gentle Steve. Of all of us, he was the most childlike, the one with a contagious sense of wonder. The one who giggled at silly, sick, and inappropriate jokes. The one who never quite figured out how to talk to girls, even though they desperately wanted to talk to him. He always wanted to discover, to find out why and how, to understand. Because it did not make sense. It never will.

Steve achieved his life purpose when he met Lucy. We all had the pleasure of experiencing two souls, ecstatic upon intertwining with one another. Steve had the love and support that Lucy fell for. Lucy had the drive and structure that Steve wanted. 30 beautiful years together. Not enough. Not fair.

From day one to the last, their silliness and desire to experience life together was so amazing, so perfect. He was brilliant, but modest. A perfect physical specimen with Olympic abilities who did not realize or even care about how special he was. A technical genius who pushed the limits of tech, but still someone who was defeated by basic tech. The one who always wanted to get the family together, because he instinctively knew how important it was.

We love you, Steve. We will make sure you are never forgotten.