William George “Bill” Sutcliffe passed away peacefully at home on January 10th listening to the music he loved. A University of Michigan (Go Blue!) graduate and former Navy officer, Bill and wife Sally moved to Livermore in 1968 when he began his career as a nuclear physicist. In the navy, he served on an aircraft carrier and the first guided missile cruiser and was part of the blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis. During the Cold War and after, he worked closely with international colleagues to support nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. Bill was also an avid pilot and flight instructor. Shortly after moving to the valley, he followed an antique biplane across town to a small airfield amidst the grapevines where he met lifelong friends. Bill devoted weekends to maintaining and flying the 1918 Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny” that is now on display at Hill Aerospace Museum and took great joy in sharing stories with the barnstormers and war-years pilots who gathered to fly. Bill spent much of this free time in following years flying over the Livermore hills in an ultralight, biplane, or the 1958 Cessna 172 that would introduce many of his family and friends to the freedom and joy he found in the sky. A longtime member of the Flying Particles, Bill taught many aspiring aviators to share his love of flying as he taught them to be prepared, thoughtful, and thorough pilots. Ever the traveler and explorer, Bill leveraged every trip and work assignment into a way to explore the world and learn. He was an accomplished clarinet player, hockey player, sailor, skier, craftsman, and teacher. He particularly enjoyed backpacking in the Sierra, annual trips to Yosemite, and any place with a grand view, especially when shared with family. Bill is survived by his wife Sally; children Laura, Cathy, Bill, and Michael and their spouses; grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and a sister and her family. All are deeply grateful for the tirelessly compassionate support of Hospice of the East Bay and would appreciate donations in Bill’s name.