As the 2020 general election draws nearer, candidates continue to disclose their campaign contributions through the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

At a municipal level, each city offers an FPPC portal to provide financial information from those running for local office.

All candidates listed on the ballot were required to file a 460 or 470 form by Sept. 24. Those who have raised/spent $2,000 or more must file a 460 form. Those who did not raise or spend $2,000 or more and do not have an open committee were required to file the 470 form. Forming a committee is only a requirement for those spending over $2,000.

A 497 form must be submitted within 24 hours of any monetary contribution of $1,000 or more from a single source. The recipient of a nonmonetary contribution of $1,000 has 48 hours to file a 497.

The following displays the Tri-Valley’s council candidates’ campaign dollars. The provided campaign contribution summaries reflect the calendar year total to date. Any specific donations listed beneath a candidate’s name reflect overall funds received from that source since Jan. 31.


Shawn Costello

Costello has submitted only a 470 form, indicating he has not spent over $2,000 on his campaign and was not required to form a committee.

Lucrecia Carolina Deleon

Deleon initially filed a 470 form as well. However, it was later amended once her campaign dollars surpassed $2,000 by $1,318. The total of $3,318 is made up of $1,200 in contributions and $2,118 in nonmonetary donations. The $1,200 included her own contribution to the campaign.

Razi Hasni

Hasni has raised a total of $2,365 from individual contributors and reported $0 in expenditures thus far.

Sherry Hu

Hu’s campaign contributions total $15,180.70 with $100 in loans. Her expenditures equal $5,209.01. She received funding from individuals, along with Wan Real Estate Co. Inc. ($500); Shin Innovatives ($300); Calmetro Service Inc. ($300); Torrey Hills Technologies LLC ($100); Elliston Winery Wine Sales LLC ($500); and Dublin Security Storage ($500).

Mike McCorriston

McCorriston has raised $37,220, with the bulk of that taken out in loans ($30,200). His expenditures total $4,883.82. Individuals make up his donation base, in addition to $500 from the Shawn Kumagai for Dublin City Council 2018 committee; $500 from Operating Engineers Local No. 3 District 20; $500 from IAFF, Local 55 Political Action Committee; $500 from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 595 PAC Small Contributor Committee; $250 from Marisol Rubio for DSRSD Director 2020; $250 from Sheet Metal Workers International Association No. 104 Political Action Committee; and $500 from California Real Estate Political Action Committee.

Sri Muppidi

Muppidi has raised $3,050, including $500 in nonmonetary contributions. Her expenditures total $1,364.52. Individuals make up her donors.

Dawn Plants

Plants’ contributions total $2,711 from individuals. Her expenditures thus far have been $1,996.

Kashef Qaadri

Qaadri has pulled in $6,130.88, including $1,500 in loans. Expenditures total $3,581.93. All contributions were from individual donors.

Samir Qureshi

Qureshi has generated a total of $27,122 and spent $5,448. He’s received contributions from A&A Investments LLC ($500); Arkansas Spine and Pain ($500); Central Arkansas Surgery Center ($500); in addition to individual contributors.


Brittni Kiick

Kiick has raised $4,403 and spent $3,253.54 on her election so far. Her donors are all individuals, along with a $250 contribution from the committee Shawn Kumagai for Dublin City Council 2022.

Pete Patterson

Patterson’s campaign has raised a total of $3,472.25, including $2,272.25 in nonmonetary contributions. Patterson and his family members appear to have funded his campaign, along with one other individual and a $1,000 contribution from Re-Elect Ahern for Alameda County Sheriff.


Nancy Allen

Allen has secured $13,760 for her campaign, including a $2,000 loan. Her expenditures total $8,864.69. Individual donors make up her contributions.

Valerie Arkin

Arkin’s campaign has pulled in $4,068, including $261 in nonmonetary donations. She has spent $2,169.72. Individual donors make up her contributions.

Jack Balch

Balch raised $35,375.99 in contributions so far, including $4,000 in loans. His expenditures total $15,790.11. He’s received funds from individuals, along with William Hezmalhalch Architects Inc. ($250) and Damian LTD ($500).

Randy Brown

Brown’s campaign dollars come in at $20,318.95, including $600 in loans. He’s spent $14,213.26. Individuals have contributed to his campaign, in addition to California Apartment Association PAC ($1,000); California Real Estate Political Action ($1,000); Crown Building LLC ($200); Denali Data Systems ($200); Jeffery E. Wong Architects ($100); Lewman Law A Professional Corporation ($400); Robert A. Tucknott & Associates Inc. ($100); and Stafford Consulting LLC ($100).

Jarod Buna

Buna has only expenditures listed on his most recent 460 form, indicating he’s spent $2,500 on his campaign.

Zarina Kizilogu

Kizilogu has no available 460 or 470 forms available for viewing through the FPPC portal.

Chiman Lee

Lee’s campaign contributions total $6,350, including $5,000 in loans. His expenditures total $2,632.42. Donations from individuals make up his contributions.