The Foothill Falcons started NCS playoffs with a first-round win (13-5) on Thursday against Heritage High School. Scoring for the Falcons were Daniel Kim (7), Jackson Koempel (1), Eugene Kruger (4), and Jesse Goodman (1). Defensively, Moises Ambriz played an exceptional game with 14 saves and 4 steals. Giovanni Minnite and Ian Jones contributed with several steals of their own. On Saturday, the Falcons faced a 10-13 loss to 3rd seed College Park. After ending the first quarter 1-6, the Falcons fought hard to get back in the game but there just wasn't enough time to catch up. Scoring for Foothill were Eugene Kruger (5), Sanjay Menon (3), and Daniel Kim (1). Moises had 8 saves in goal.