The Matadors took on the Dougherty Valley Wildcats to wrap up the season, and in the process the Mats wrapped up the game. Granada's muscle was flexed early and often, as the Mat's defense, led by Derrick Martinez(15), Josh Henninger(8), Christian Silva(61), Logan Tucker (74), Anthony Pedretti(28), Mathieu Rocheleau(26), Daniel Waxman(30), Kobe Jerusalem(33) and Leif Jensen(22) all tallied tackles. #22, #30, Kaleo Gomes(56), #33 and #61 also recorded some drive killing sacks. Isaac Chappell (3), Brandon Adams(32), Jason Fraser(64), and William Magann(67) all chipped in to keep the Wildcats out of the endzone. On the offensive side of the ball, it was a true team effort that had the Mats engine firing on all cylinders, as #22 had a 4yd and 11yd TD runs; #33 had a 48 yd TD run; #28 ran it in from 29 yds for a score. Stephen Geyer (6) grabbed a 65 yd TD reception from Brandon Shah(1) and Eric Hall(5) also scored on short TD Pass from #1. Diego Iniguez(18) made all 6 XP kicks. The team play of Ryan Delong(11), Thomas Van Wouw(16), Frank Middleton(23), Travis Swartz (36) helped the Mat’s maintain momentum throughout the game and allowed Jake Fields (12) to connect with Nate Lee(24) on a nice pass. Brian Perez(10) also got into the run game with a couple 10 yd rushes. In the end, the Matadors closed out the season with another shutout victory 42-0.