Livermore Phantoms U14 Black's Alex Operin (51) and Dom Gozzo (56) helped close out the season with another strong victory.

The Phantoms U14 Black closed out their season against the Diablo Scorpion Stingers on May 11. Having only one loss in the season, the Phantoms looked to ensure that was the case at the end of the game. The Phantoms' defense was ferocious, as Andrew Kramar (8) only needed one successful save the entire game. In addition to the awesome defense, the Phantoms also gave it their all on goals, faceoffs and assists. Fourteen goals were scored by the Phantoms by: Ben Wojewski (17), two goals by Jacob Salhoff (34), Nick Swartzendruber (37), Dom Gozzo (56), Chase Parker (66), Aidan Andre (84), and Josh Gnoval (98) who also had an insane career day with seven goals. In addition to the goals, Wojewski, Salhoff, Parker, Alex Operin (51), and Luke Bauer (53) combined to win 61% of faceoffs. Wojewski, Swartzendruber, Anders Bostrom (2), Gozzo, and Quin Wetzel (72) helped with the blowout, by tallying nine assists. All in all the Phantoms closed out the season very strong as they walked off into the off-season with a 14-0 victory.