Pleasanton Seahawks

Pleasanton Seahawks at Junior Olympics Championship

Pacific Swimming Adam Szmidt Memorial 14 & Under LCM Junior Olympics Championship 2019 was hosted by Terrapins Swim Team and held July 12-14 in Concord, CA. A total of 73 qualifying teams across Northern California and Reno, Nevada with 742 swimmers traveled to this three-day age-group championship meet to compete in 96 events.

The Pleasanton Seahawks (PLS) swim team entered 44 swimmers (20 girls and 24 boys) for competition and won a total of 111 individual medals. PLS’ top individual swimmers were Francesca Lin (3rd place 100m breaststroke), Brooke Bennett (2nd place 1500m freestyle and 3rd place 800m freestyle), Lillyana Caples (1st place 800m/1500m freestyle, 2nd place 400m freestyle, 3rd place 200m freestyle, and 3rd place 400m IM), Emmy Loftus (2nd place 800m/1500m freestyle), Natalie Mak (2nd place 50m/100m/200m backstroke, 2nd place 200m fly, 2nd place 200m/400m IM, and 3rd place 50m fly), Breuklynn Harris (2nd place 100m breaststroke), Francesca Hawkins (3rd place 400m freestyle), Kaitlin Lee (1st place 400m/800m freestyle and 2nd place 200m freestyle), Chloe Xu (2nd place 1500m freestyle), Oryan Liu (2nd place 50m/100m backstroke), Songrui Wu (2nd place 50m/100m/400m freestyle, and 3rd place 50m fly), Ziyue Yang (3rd place 100m breaststroke), Jared Burnes (2nd place 1500m freestyle), Jeremy Ting (1st place 200m fly, 1st place 800m freestyle, 2nd place 200m/400m IM, 2nd place 200m breaststroke, and 3rd place 100m breaststroke), Ethan Wang (1st place 100m/200m breaststroke and 3rd place 50m breaststroke), Devyn Caples (1st place 200m/400m/800m/1500m freestyle, 1st place 400m IM, and 3rd place 200m IM), and Yassin Dwidar (2nd place 100m breaststroke, 2nd place 800m freestyle, 3rd place 400m/1500m freestyle, and 3rd place 200m breaststroke). Other individual medal winners included Emma Wang, Maria Zhang, Aria Harris, Cynthia Li, Florence Lin, Kealan Tupper, Christopher Wang, Ashwin Anugraham, Hunter Bian, Iian Burnes, Phil Lin, Benjamin Ohrr, and Samuel Wang.

PLS also earned four team relay medals. The 13-14 girls (Francesca Hawkins, Breulynn Harris, Florence Lin, and Kaitlin Lee) won 2nd place 400m freestyle relay and 13-14 girls (Aria Harris, Breuklynn Harris, Francesca Hawkins, and Cynthia Li) won 3rd place 200m freestyle relay. The 10 & under boys (Oryan Liu, Ziyue Yang, Songrui Wu, and Christopher Wang) won 2nd place 200m medley relay and 2nd place 200m freestyle relay.