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From left, Addison and Devyn Giacomazzi. (Photo - James Giacomazzi)

The Giacomazzi family is a mover and shaker in Livermore. Literally.

Addison and Devyn Giacomazzi recently won State Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics at WestCoast Training Center in Livermore.

The girls’ dad, James Giacomazzi, is the towering Las Positas College men’s basketball coach and athletic director. He is known for his winning ways and very mobile, enthusiastic coaching style.

But the young Giacomazzi girls stole the show this time, at an Acro event normally held at Las Positas but relocated due to COVID-19 restrictions at the college.

Addison, 11, a student at Christensen Middle School in Livermore, has won five state championships, four regional championships and one national title. She was national runner-up once.

Devyn, 8, attends Lawrence Elementary and has now one state championship.

“They’ve been rockin’ and rollin’,” Coach Giacomazzi said proudly. “Now they’ve got their sights set on Las Vegas for Regionals, and they’re gonna try to knock that out; and then they’ve got their sights set on nationals (in St. Louis) when they’re going to try to be national champions.”

At the recent State event, Addison competed in Level 9 Women’s Pair along with Morgan Sweeney of Danville, who is headed to Oregon on scholarship. Devyn partnered with Giana Johnson of Livermore in Level 8 Women’s Pair.

What is Acro Gymnastics?

Think Cirque du Soleil with awe-inspiring dance moves, flips and spins. Addison and Devyn set a high standard. Each Acro level is scored by a panel of judges based on difficulty, artistry and execution.

Coach Giacomazzi can see some jitters in his daughters’ faces before they compete, but when the lights come on, “It’s go-time!” he said. “… Right when it’s time to go, their face is just stoic, and they are so focused and so detailed, because it’s everything: It’s your eyes, it’s your smile, it’s your performance, your acting: You’re doing so many things at once, you have to appeal to the judges.”

The State Acro championships this year incorporated California, Arizona and Nevada.

“These are legit athletes, really good,” James Giacomazzi said. “We actually have a trio in our group that is going to Switzerland for the worlds. There are different levels that this gym would host and also there’s Acro Gymnastics in college as well.”