The Matadors went up against the Dublin High Gaels and showed no mercy. Once the Mats got settled, their offense kicked into high gear as Leif Jensen (22) ran for 6 yards, 38 yards, plus a 44 yd TD run. XP Good by Mathieu Rocheleau (26). Eric Hall(5) added a nice catch. Mats def. also sprung to life with tackles by Kaleo Gomes(56) and Daniel Waxman(30) and 4th down sack by #30. Mats took over on downs and Kobe Jerusalem(33) took off on 70 yd TD run. XP good. In next series Logan Thiede(79) had a nice sack, followed by Tanner Parkers(58) fumble causing tackle that was run back 55 yds by Stephen Geyer(6) to Gaels 28. Brandon Shah(1) made 20 yd td pass to M. Rocheleau. XP Good. After 1st half, Mats specials teams helped pin Gaels deep with coverage led by Lukas Stifter(20), Brian Perez(10), Derrick Martinez(15), Diego Iniguez(18). Logan Tucker(74) had some impressive tackles, followed by D. Waxman's fumble recovery. L. Jensen then took it to paydirt for 4yd TD run. XP blocked. The Mats def did not flinch as S. Geyer picked it off and ran it back 25 yards. B. Shah made 3yd td pass to E.Hall. XP no good. Great tackling by D. Martinez, Anthony Pedretti(28), Josh Henninger(8) and Marc Fontanilla(77) was followed by S. Geyer making another pick and ran it back 100 yards for a score. XP good. Mats walk away with 40-0 shutout.