The Matadors took on their cross- town rivals, the Livermore Cowboys, which turned out to be a tough match up. The Matadors' Leif Jensen (22), Mathieu Rocheleau (26), Logan Tucker (74), Alex Edwards (60), assisted by Eric Hall (5), Stephen Geyer (6), and Antonio Sotka (7) provided some nice defensive plays to try to slow the Cowboys' stampede, including Tanner Parker’s (58) TD-saving tackle after Livermore recovered a fumble. On offense, Brandon Shah (8) mixed in some passes to (5), (6), and Josh Henninger (8). (22) and Kobe Jerusalem (33) chimed in with some runs on offense, assisted by blocks by Daniel Waxman (30), and Calvin Seely (66). Kaleo Gomes (56), assisted by Dominic Peri (68), snagged a line drive kickoff and ran it back for 10 yards to the 48-yard line. While the Mats had some good plays, the Cowboys proved too much for the Mats as they lost 33-0. (Photos - Doug Jorgensen)